Social Media Takes A Human Form In Regina George

Ragan’s Communications CEO Mark Ragan moderated a discussion back in 2008 about the pro’s and con’s of social media for businesses. During this discussion I learned a lot of things, but mostly that social media is a lot like the iconic Regina George. I know, I know – it sounds like a stretch, but hear me out.

Social media is relatively new and no one doesn’t follow or use some form of it. Social media is the Queen Bee of the Internet. There are several places where customers can go to share their thoughts on a business. In the podcast it was mentioned that a business might as well make an official blog to keep a close watch on what is being said about them. It’s a more public version of a 3-way phone call attack- the company is listening in on what customers are telling social media.

I learned that company blogs are a great way to have a two way street that leads to a great customer/business relationship. Social media is a way to connect with your customers and hear their worries and concerns. Surprisingly in the podcast it was mentioned that customers want to hear from a variety of employees and not just the CEO. Often a CEO doesn’t know anything about the nitty gritty dirty work that comes with dealing in daily customer relations, but regular employees do. Essentially customers want to hear things from Regina George’s “Army of Skanks,” the average people who are running the blog.

Lastly I learned that employees felt like they were not able to tell their superiors anything despite an open door policy. I can understand that it is difficult but I think that social media can give employees the security of knowing they can say what they need to say (within reason) and are being heard with minimal or no penalty. It’s telling the Cool Mom’s when to fix their hair, keeping them young. Once again the online Regina George is keeping employers in check, employees happy, and providing customers with great customer/business relationships.

Originally Published on: Mar 10, 2011 @ 18:10


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