Sharing is Caring

Social bookmarking is the most genius idea I have run across when having to work with a group. It allows you to keep your bookmarked pages online where anyone can access them from anywhere, as opposed to just on your computer. Group projects will never be the same again. This allows group members to cut down on research time by sharing what they have found quickly, and the confusion of having two people research the same thing is over. Students can get to their information quickly and can even title links and give them descriptions. This makes sorting through information faster because you can remind yourself what a link is for before you ever click on it.

Another perk to social bookmarking is that it is a lot easier to share something with your friends, not just factual information. You can save funny videos to share for later and not have to put them on Facebook to remember where you found it. Social bookmarking makes sharing information a lot more specific to the audience you actually want to share it with.

Associations can use social bookmarking to point their users to things they need to be aware of or as another channel for users to share information with the association. Associations could make entire lists of links of their followers blogs so they can follow each other, or they could bookmark specific information for future conferences or forums.

My Diigo is full of useful links I have found leisurely poking around the Internet. I have had a lot of these bookmarks saved forever without an adequate way to share them. Diigo is perfect for that. Not only do I have links to things that can help with school, but I have a lot of links that can help you during study breaks as well. I think it is very important to take breaks when you’re working hard.

Originally Published on: Mar 21, 2011 @ 21:33


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