Senior Citizen Causes Millions to Lose Internet Access

Last Wednesday, thousands of people in Armenia and Georgia (the country, not the state) were without the Internet for almost 12 hours. Had this happened in America, it would have marked it as a sign of the end of the world.

The loss of the web occurred when a 75-year-old woman was scavenging for scrap metal to sell in the poor ex-Soviet state of Georgia. She came across a main fiber optic cable belonging to the Georgian Railway Telecom Company and cut it to try and sell it. She was arrested and thrown in jail, but released due to her age. Officials charged the woman with property damage, and an investigation and trial are to follow.

Telecom officials said incidents like this are rare and their cables have extreme amounts of protection. They are baffled as to how this woman could have even found the cable, much less cut through it.

If that’s so then how could a similar incident have happened in 2009? Hopefully officials will figure out a better way to hide the cable from scavengers.  This could be a good segue into some cause related marketing. The Georgian Railway Telecom could do something like for every account they have, they’ll donate to the poor people of their country. That could possibly deter the impoverished from severing their shiny cables for money again.

Originally Published on: Apr 10, 2011 @ 14:34


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