PR Open Mic Lets Everyone Have A Voice

Poking through the PR Open Mic website, I was amazed, excited and a little intimidated. It’s relatively small for a social media site, only about 7,000 members but every single person is in the PR industry in some way. There are students, professors, and professionals all connected to one another through this site. Users can personalize their profiles with backgrounds, bookmarks, links, videos, discussion widgets and personal information that shows other PR people how awesome they are.

PR Open Mic has several impressive features. It gives users another platform to post blogs, videos and photos. Also there are areas for users to come together to form groups, make events, and have discussions. Finally, users can upload their resumes in hopes of finding a great job. I poked around the resume part of the site to find a great example of a resume, and see how I could improve my own resume.

However the most interesting part of the entire website is the jobs and internship tab. As a junior I am looking for internship in the PR field, I found this part of PR Open Mic to be incredibly helpful and intimidating. There are several positions that would be perfect for me in major cities, and I would have not known about them if it weren’t for this website.

The Jobs & Internship tab hosts multiple websites that feature paid and unpaid internships and full and part time positions. They use a Twitter Jobs Search and Twitter Internship feeds that run on the top of the page, and there are links under the feeds that lead to other PR Job boards including

All in all, PR Open Mic is one of the best tools a PR student could have in their arsenal. It could lead to great networking opportunities, great internships, and eventually a great job.

Originally  Published on: Mar 15, 2011 @ 2:44


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