Podcasting- Information On Your Own Time

It seems like Apple comes up with everything. They have invented new ways to carry your music, new technology to buy your music, and a new method to share music and information with the world. Podcasts are audio or video file “programs” that are usually produced in a series.

I don’t consistently listen to podcasts but I know many people find them to be very informative and helpful. Of the few podcasts I have heard, they have all been chockfull of useful information. There are two video podcasts I have loaded onto my iPod from Trainerpack. They are short video podcasts that lead you through various workouts. These podcasts are perfectly timed to help you breathe and work through the number of repetitions in an exercise.

The good thing about podcasts is that they are available on literally every subject you can imagine, and they are completely free to download through iTunes. Businesses can produce weekly podcasts to share what is new with their company or use them as another way of interacting with their audiences. Not only could they produce their own podcasts, but they could also buy advertising time in already popular podcasts.

Many PR professionals use podcasts to share new things in an ever-changing industry. For Immediate Release is a podcast I find it to be very interesting. Not just for their information, but also in the way it is structured as well. Some podcasts are just people talking about an issue, but FIR has a set structure to their shows that is very professional, and lets avid listeners anticipate what is next. They start their show with introductions and greetings and speak to their listeners like they are having a casual conversation. Then they give you reminders, and heads up of what they are going to talk about, then comes the bulk of their show, the discussion.

I’ve realized that like radio and television shows; podcasts also have credits at the end. These endnotes are important because they show you the amount of work and number of people that contribute to a show. Also, you learn of other people who are involved in the PR industry and if what they said or contributed to the show interests you, you can look them up later.

Overall I think podcasts are a great way of sharing information because it’s a lot easier to keep up with than a regular radio show.  You can download them to your iPod and listen to them whenever you want and get your information. It’s all the information, and none of the stuffiness of a formal newspaper or trade magazine.

Originally Published on: Mar 14, 2011 @ 19:50


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