I Love the Internet (and you should too!)

The Internet is probably the reason I chose to be a Communications major.  Its contents are limitless, ridiculous and wonderful. Without it I wouldn’t have known about An Idiot Abroad (formerly known as Karl Pilkington’s Seven Wonders Of The World), and this gem of a screencap or known that I’m not the only 20 year old girl that finds comfort in Dumbledore. Without the Internet I probably would be bored a lot of the time, and I definitely would not be able to share anything I find with friends and family or be able to save it for later.

If you don’t live in close proximity to me, or can’t reach me through the internet, there is a very small chance that we could ever share things together and still be friends. The social media sites the Internet provides me with help me keep me in touch, get work done, share curiosities, and most importantly, procrastinate. There are several sites I visit nearly every day.

1. Facebook

This is the best invention known to mankind after the Internet itself. I use this to keep in touch with everyone. If you don’t contact me via Facebook or text, we obviously don’t talk.

2. YouTube

This is apparently the second most popular search engine ever. Probably because it’s got lots of great videos including “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” (It’s adorable, go check it out.) It’s also about nine million times easier to YouTube a song you’ve never heard than downloading it to listen, like you had to do 5 years ago.

3. Tumblr

All of the wonderful, funny things I find on the Internet come from this website. It’s a blogging community, but I really just use it to find funny things to help me procrastinate and kind of keep up with the news. Seriously, watch the Golden Globes (or any other award show for that matter) and get on Tumblr at the same time. You’ll see instant screencaps and you’ll discover that there are at least 10 people thinking exactly the same thing you thought about Sandra Bullock’s new haircut.

4. Twitter

First I got a Twitter to update my Facebook because I was poor and didn’t have Internet on my phone. Then I needed it for class. Now, I’ll admit, I find Twitter to be overwhelming. Usually I only get on Twitter to read Lord_Voldemort7 because he is hilarious and sarcastic and I would like to be best friends with him.

5. School Email/ GIN System

This is how my professors email me. Sometimes important sorority things as well, since now I have a fancy new boss-like position. I use it mostly to email things to myself so I can print them out in the communications department, as I am too cheap to buy printer ink.  (Update: I bought printer ink!)

6. Pandora, Text From Last Night, Dear Blank Please Blank, and Netflix

These are other sites I visit almost daily but they aren’t necessarily social media-type sites. I think they are important to put on this list because they take reader submissions or are based off of your tastes. These sites listen to what you want to entertain you. I need to mention that where I live we have recently started streaming Netflix into our living room using our suite mate’s Wii and what else, wireless Internet. This is quite possibly the best or worst thing we’ve ever done. Sure we spend most of our time watching shows in the living room now, but at least we can bring our work with us and spend time together as a suite. It’s a good thing, I keep telling myself. Finals week will be the ultimate test of this as a good idea vs. a bad idea.

Originally Published on: Jan 19, 2011 @ 16:19


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