Big Boss is Watching You

Let’s ask three questions.

#1- Do you want to get/keep an awesome job?

#2- Do you have an account on anything on the Internet?

#3- Do you realize your (future) boss is going to Internet stalk you before they hire you?

It’s true. Today most employers use Google searches and various social media sites to check on the image and reputation of a potential employee. If I were an employer, I would check up on my staff and potential employees as well. An employee is an extension of a business or company. What they do (or sometimes what they don’t do) reflects on the company, not only the individual.

My parents raised me to be a classy lady. I generally don’t post things online that I wouldn’t want my mother to read or see. It’s a pretty good rule of thumb that hasn’t gone wrong for me yet. If your mother would want to read it, your boss probably won’t mind either.

Some people might think that it’s an invasion of privacy, a blatant disregard to their right to freedom of speech. That’s understandable. What I think needs to be pointed out is that while it’s okay to have a separate professional personality and private personality, those two shouldn’t be so different from each other to where you would be offended to share your online presence with an employer.

People often post most of the online content about themselves. Therefore before they post, they should think about what they are putting up adds to their personality. Is that picture of you at a bar really classy? Or do you really want to post it just because your top is cute?

Fortunately my name isn’t easily “googleable.” Thanks Mom for essentially naming me the Hispanic version of Susie Jane Q. I tried searching for myself a few days ago and I learned that I am a woman of many talents. I am a photographer, an advertiser, a rapper, an organic farmer and most importantly a homicide victim.

So yes, while it might take a little more effort to think before you post, it will be worth it when you land the job of your dreams. You can go in on your first day knowing your boss already likes you.

Originally Published on: Feb 1, 2011 @ 22:31


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