Women Are Better At Everything- Even the Internet

In an era where everything is done online, women are dominating the field. No, it’s not because of online shopping (although that is part of it); women are more engaged online in every aspect. TechCrunch compiled a variety of studies and proved that women spend more time online, contribute more online, and are the power players in an online world.

This has something to say for the role of women in the physical world as well. According to the article, because of female control on consumer spending, more websites are making themselves geared towards females. Major online shopping site Amazon created Amazon Mom for an easier shopping experience for those caring for small children. The site offers personalized emails and newsletters to offer specific products for whatever stage of growth the mom’s child is in.

It’s been said that by the time children are in the 3rd grade, boys know only 1/3rd of the “feeling” words that girls know. Which would explain why more women also use Facebook than men, and are said to overall have 8% more friends than men. Facebook’s Chief Operations Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, is a woman and shared that women make up 62% of Facebook’s activity. In the article, it’s said that anthropologically, women are more capable of keeping more relationships, being more socially active, being able to multitask better, and are more interested in keeping contact with those they have relationships with.

For a business, it seems like having women around is beneficial to their success. It’s great for a business to be in touch with new social media, and want to have relationship with their consumers, but it’s hard to do if you don’t have someone who is wired to care about what kind of relationship.

Originally Published on: Mar 21, 2011 @ 19:58


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