War of the Widgets, Battle of the Badge

I’m a fan of widgets. A widget (or a gadget if you’re using Windows- gag) is a little nugget of a program that allows you to practically do anything. From play bubble shooter without installing the whole game, to updating your WordPress blog at any given moment, or search through your blog posts.

On the other hand there are also badges. Now I always just thought of badges in relation to FourSquare, but apparently they’re everywhere- I just never knew what they were called. A badge is the little box in the corner of a website that links you to their Facebook or their Twitter, or some other account related to the company/website.

No matter which you choose, both widgets and badges are extremely beneficial to any website. Most websites lately have at least a widget that allows site visitors to Tweet, Facebook, or Digg a specific blog post.

If the sororities on my campus each had chapter specific websites I think they could benefit from a variety of widgets and badges. Having a website in general would be great for these organizations because it would be a great tool for recruiting new members and keeping in touch with their alumni. Like most websites they should have the sharing widget so members or potential members could share posts of the great things the sororities are doing on campus and in their communities.

A search widget is also pretty much required. As much as anyone would love having someone peruse their website for hours and hours at a time, it’s really annoying to endlessly scroll through to find one post. Badges to their national pages, and other social media should be on the site. Also links to their national philanthropies would be a good idea. Basically a link to anything that would promote the sorority’s image should be linked, including videos.

A photo widget is a MUST for a sorority. Holding a sorority pose gracefully isn’t as easy as it looks, and all of those t-shirts and decorations didn’t make themselves. If those girls are going to hold that pose for several pictures and slave away on those decorations, you better be able to look at their photos. Sharing the photos is a must too. I’m going to throw it out there that Facebook’s photo viewing and sharing platform is quite possibly my favorite way to quickly go through photos.

Originally Published on: Apr 7, 2011 @ 21:54


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