Viral Videos Are Winning

What makes a video go viral? Why do the most mundane videos have millions of views? How did anyone learn the days of the week without Rebecca Black?

There about 5 factors I see that go into making a viral video.

1. Sharing is caring!

No one will see a video unless people share it with their friends. Internet perusers are more likely to view a video if it has a lot of recommendations or there is a buzz about it. I usually get my viral video habit taken care of by following The Daily What on Tumblr. They post a good variety of ridiculous news and videos and serious news and video.
Geoffrey Gets Mad About Zoo Visit

2. Keep it short!

Viral videos need to be short and attention grabbing from the start. I can’t even mention how many videos I have clicked out of because nothing happens in the first 10 seconds. I know that’s a sad commentary on my attention span, but hey- that’s time spend I could be watching something else.
Dance Fail

3. Make it interesting!

Your video isn’t going to gain millions of views if it’s boring. Sometimes the action of the video is a few seconds in, and that’s okay, as long as you take advantage of the title. Viewers will be a lot more patient you give them a heads up of what the video is about.
Dom Vs Dubstep

4. No one can say no to babies or cute animals.

Baby videos are the cutest thing about YouTube. Cute animals are just as cute. If the video is about a baby with a cute animal- JACKPOT.
Dog Won’t Let Kid Drink Water

5. It’s been shared, now what? VIVA REMIXES!

Okay, so once your video has gone viral the next natural step is the remix. Remixing is the most sincere form of flattery on YouTube. It’s pretty much the only thing that can make Charlie Sheen win more.
The Winning Song

Originally Published on: Apr 7, 2011 @ 21:56


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