User1234 Said What?!

A blog is only as good as the people who read it.

But how do you know someone is actually reading what you write? Sure, you can track how many hits you get a day, or how many times your link is shared but you can never be sure that your material is being absorbed by those reading.

Enter blog comments. They provide an opportunity for your readers to tell you how wonderful you are (or aren’t). Other times it’s an opportunity for readers to talk to each other without needing to interchange email addresses or phone numbers or anything else you’d give out at a bar.

Comments anywhere on the Internet, if used properly, are extremely useful. Not only on blogs but also on other websites in which user input is critical.

Take YouTube for example. I often use YouTube to watch shows that aren’t on in America. I’m the most impatient person in the world and I like to know what’s going to happen before I see it. That’s where the comments come in handy. I like to scroll through the comments and see what everyone else says to see if there’s anything worth being excited for or if there is something really funny I need to pay extra attention to. Mostly it’s fun to see who can’t understand the same things you can’t.

I had no clue what this character was saying either.

For comments to be useful, they must be properly written. A comment that says, “Great post, this is awesome!” is nice, but it doesn’t add anything to the “comment conversation.” To post a great comment, I think you must provide something useful. Like, “You make a great point. I try to add something to the conversation every time I post a comment. I’d like for everyone to follow my example.” Posting a helpful link on the comments, replying to a question or simply continuing a conversation is a great way to add to a “comment conversation.”

For the love of all things that is great and wonderful, please don’t ever comment with awful grammar. Use only one punctuation mark unless you’re asking a question excitedly. I completely support the use of a question mark and an exclamation point together (?!). Sometimes that’s the only way you can completely express how surprised you were about an epic plot twist, awful opinion or pie chart. (Charts are exciting. Trust me.)

Overall just be nice when you’re posting a comment. Don’t say something you wouldn’t say to someone’s face nor anything you wouldn’t want your mother to read. Finally, for the love of God, you have a brain- make sure the Internet knows you can use it.

Originally Published on: Jan 29, 2011 @ 23:59


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