Too much Skins, Not Enough Advertising

After only one episode of MTV’s scripted teen drama Skins, nearly a half dozen advertisers pulled their commercials from the racy show. These companies stated that they did not want their product associated with a show that the Parents Television Council deemed “the most dangerous show for children ever.”

This is the part where I blame natural greed and human stupidity for turning such a great show like the original UK version of Skins into an American PR disaster.

One of the creators of the original UK version is leading the USA adaptation, but I’m not sure he’s actually grasped the fact that though he and his team may think that this show is a “thoughtful and honest portrayal of teen life today,” it’s not something basic cable watching Americans are ready to stomach as good television.

If anyone in America had done their research and actually watched the original version of the show they would see that, yes, there is underage sex, profanity, drinking and drug use in the show. What they failed to see however was that none of the UK actors portraying those behaviors were actually underage.

Also, America was founded by prudes.

Obviously this kind of show would go over a lot better in Europe than in America. Parents and advertisers were quick to denounce this show for exposing children to sex and drugs, but what they haven’t seen or realized yet is that Skins is not only a show that shows teens partying. Hopefully, if MTV does it right, the show deals with hard issues like parent/child abandonment, death, loss and over coming stereotypes.

On top of the outrage that this show’s advertisements are targeted to teens, MTV stands to lose up to $2 million an episode if viewers and advertisers continue to frown upon Skins. Of course, where some people see a disaster, PETA see’s an opportunity. The extremely controversial organization offered to buy up rejected ad time during the show. If MTV had any sense at all they wouldn’t let PETA jump on the Skins bandwagon at all. They’ve already gotten all the press they needed to generate viewers, even if those viewers are tuning in to see what a disaster the show is. US Skins has something UK Skins can never match up with- an SNL parody.

Originally Published on: Jan 31, 2011 @ 2:07


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