The Death of Blogging?

Just like everything else in this world, blogging has evolved. It’s no longer what first generation bloggers remember. Now anyone can sign up for an account and be a “blogger.” The title “blog” doesn’t just apply to a web log of new content anymore. Now any 13 year old with a Tumblr full of reblogged pictures can say they have a blog.  Even written content isn’t always new, some blogs just rehash what someone else said.  This trend is making original bloggers very, very upset.

Kind of like when some hipsters favorite band goes “mainstream.” Original bloggers liked blogging way before it was “cool” or “trendy.”

In an interview with the New York Observer Choire Sicha said “blogger” has “always been an embarrassing word.”

“First it was embarrassing because bloggers were these dirty, horrible people and then it was embarrassing because our grandmas have blogs, God bless them,” Sicha said.

Apparently back in the day, when you wanted to blog, you just launched a website and went with it. Now with most serious blog topics taken, you have to be really, really good for your blog to generate popularity. Half-baked blog ideas just won’t cut it. Unless you’re a grandma blogger, then you can blog about whatever your little heart desires.

Clive Thompson from Wired said that his favorite bloggers used to update their pages several times a day, but now that Twitter has arrived, the blog posts aren’t as frequent, but they are longer. Different new social medias have an effect on the sites that are already there. This means you have to put more thought into your content or find more content to cover multiple mediums.

Dan Duray pointed out that lately “from the story selection to the sarcastic or hyperbolic headlines, blog content became predictable, and duller for it.”

I want to know- does that essentially mean sarcasm is not appreciated on the Internet anymore? If that is the case, I don’t know what to do with myself anymore. Sarcasm is the only language I know how to speak.

I think that if starting a blog sparks someone’s love of writing, or rekindles someone’s love affair with reading, then by all means start blogging! From what I can tell no one likes to read anymore. Nicholas Sparks and Stephanie Meyers books don’t count as reading. I don’t know the last time I had a great conversation about literature with someone. If reading blogs and things online will lead someone to reading great authors, then let’s keep blogging. If the Internet can’t make someone like reading, what can?

Originally Published on: Feb 3, 2011 @ 21:28


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