Comments, Criticisms, and My Suggestions

No silly, this isn’t where you can make overall comments, criticisms and suggestions for me.

This is where I share with you what I say to others.

Mostly so I can show Barbara Nixon that I can play nice with everyone on the Internet.


ONE.  What to Watch Today… By Joe Citro

January 31st, 2011 at 2:51 am

That video was too funny! I don’t think anyone has made and shared videos like that since Jordan Stout graduated. I would love to put a giant inflatable monster in the lake to freak out all of the incoming freshman next year. We would just have to make sure that the ski team doesn’t run it over. Maybe you can look into that as a senior prank or something?

TWO. You’re Invited By Karen Snir
Awards season is quite possibly my favorite part of second semester, with the exception of Spring Break! It strikes me as odd when I hear of people NOT watching the Academy Awards. Personally, I think an awards show so prestigious doesn’t need a tag line, but then again, not all of America is as fabulous as we are.
Also, last year they had AR Rahman preform “Jai Ho” during the awards and went on to win the Oscar for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. He is also nominated for those same awards this year for his work on 127 Hours. Needless to say I am beyond excited for this years Oscars!
THREE. Is Chik-fil-A Really Anti-Gay? By Mishka Campbell
I don’t think anything Chik-fil-A can do will ever help or repair the damage they have caused by participating in such a controversial topic. I am extremely disappointed in them as a company. They should have researched exactly what was going to be discussed in this “marriage strengthening seminar” and avoided this disaster to begin with. It doesn’t matter what they intended to, it matters how their actions were perceived. Incidentally, they have the best fries on Earth. I may or may not have had some earlier today.

FOUR. Bieber Fever Anyone? By Emily Yehia

February 10, 2011 at 11:24 pm.

If *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys had Twitter accounts when we were in the 5th grade I would have probably created a Twitter just so I could follow them. Maybe we could have had the best thing to happen to ten-year-old us- we could have won free tickets by ReTweeting.


FIVE. Hold Me Closer Darth Vader By Erin McDonough

February 10, 2011 at 11:38 pm.

I am so glad I’m not the only one who instantly thought of Almost Famous! However my favorite commercials aren’t the beer ones. Doritos has some of the funniest commercials I have ever seen in a Super Bowl- especially last years “Keep your hands of my Mama. Keep your hands off my Doritos.” Volkswagen had the cutest commercial this year by far. Being a Star Wars fan I thought this was the best use of Darth Vader in a commercial ever! Also, kudos to Mini-Vader’s dad for being such a cool parent.

SIX. Stroke On Air? by Allie Dunne
I heard about this! Apparently she didn’t have a stroke. What she experienced was a complex migraine. Can you imagine having a migraine so bad it affects your speech and motor function? It must be intense!
SEVEN. Spring Break by Michelle Maldonado
I have it all figured out for you! Nine seasons of Smallville will be 198 hours and Spring Break will be approximately 216 hours. So if you take an hour break twice a season, and don’t sleep, you could totally watch all of Smallville by the time you get back. I’ll be trying to catch up on 4 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, so I understand what kind of major task lies in front of us.
I was actually a little sad this wasn’t a real video. Well, of course I knew it wasn’t real because no one would be able to take over Times Square without someone calling the guy a terrorist or something. But back in high school, I had a friend that could control other people’s cell phones from his cell phone. I watched him hack into it with his phone and scroll through someone else’s text messages while they watched. It was crazy! So I don’t think that something like this, maybe on a smaller scale, would be impossible.
NINE. Snooki & Ne-Yo Rolling Stone Cover by Shanti Sampson

Ne-Yo sure knows how to squeeze every bit out of his 140 characters. haha I can see why he’s mad though. Snooki is famous for being a reality star. She’s famous for having cameras follow her around while she does nothing special. While Rolling Stone is primarily a music magazine, they are also equally in tune with everything that is pop culture and the newest “it” thing. Which is how Snooki managed to ride in on the front page.


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