A Viral Video Turns Out to be an Ad

Have you seen this video?! Do you realize how awesome of a marketing ploy this is?! My guest blogger Karen Snir knows these things. She also has her own blog you should check out. Just sayin’.

Have you seen this video? It got over one million hits in a few days. It was actually a video that was made by two people who work at a marketing agency to promote the new Bradley Cooper movie,  Limitless.

I thought this video was interesting and was not sure if it was real at first. When I learned it wasn’t, and was only created to promote a movie, I liked the idea.The marketing strategy used in producing this video is clever: creating a video that will go viral is a clever way of breaking through the ad clutter. This is something no one would expect, because many of us watch YouTube videos that go viral.

In the following video, the guy says he did this because he took the pill that is main focus of Limitless.

Originally Published on: Apr 11, 2011 @ 20:59


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