2011: A Blogging Odyssey

I started this blog in 2011, mostly as an easier way to turn in homework, which is pretty futuristic when you think about it. As a result this blog evolved into the sassiest compilation of writing samples I’m sure any employer has ever seen. I totally got an internship off of this thing.

But now I’m a few years past graduation and I have no need for most of these posts. Except as proof that I did “work” during college. I worked hard writing every article, every blog post, every comment. This site is just a graveyard of old posts spanning from January to April of 2011. Look through them if you want.

PR Connections to Everyday Life

Too much Skins, Not Enough Advertising
The Death of Blogging?
The Grammy’s? Whatever, You’ve Probably Never Heard of It
Nothing is More American Than Coke
Attack of the Snarkhammer
IPhone App Helps Heart Attack Victims
Women Are Better At Everything- Even the Internet
Senior Citizen Causes Millions to Lose Internet Access
Cut Your Cable and Keep Your Laptops
Drinking Out of Sippy Cups
Outrage Over Ad Blown to Ridiculous Proportions

PR Topic of the Week

I Love the Internet (and you should too!)
User1234 Said What?!
Social Media- A Definition Guessing Game
Big Boss is Watching You
Social Media Takes A Human Form In Regina George
Foursquare- Now for Adults!
Podcasting- Information On Your Own Time
PR Open Mic Lets Everyone Have A Voice
Sharing is Caring
War of the Widgets, Battle of the Badge
Viral Videos Are Winning
The Great People’s Republic of Snugtopia
A Viral Video Turns Out to be an Ad

Feature Writing Responses

“Pleasure to have met you.” “Damn straight. I’m delightful.”
Feature Articles Featuring Me (Preferably)
Mrs. Kelly’s Monster (Spoiler: Not An Actual Monster)
Anatomy of a Homeless Man’s Feature Story
Editorials Follow 9-Step Process…Kind Of


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